The new Beaujolais is in MyChoice!

This year, the Beaujolais region has harvested the sweetest grapes in 17 years. The Beaujolais tradition in France and throughout Europe dictates that a new young wine from the Game variety, the Beaujolais region (part of Burgundy), be released on the market every third Thursday in November.

This wine – only a month and a half – is always very fresh, with soft tannins and strong fruitiness. Fruity taste, freshness and unprecedented sweetness of the grapes vintage 2020. Its color is deep pomegranate, the aromas are spontaneous and strong, and the taste gives the feeling of freshly bitten fresh fruit, with the addition of sweet spices.

You feel the sun that helped the grapes ripen. It is full of flavors and you will feel them if you try them right away! Beaujolais is served slightly chilled (about 13 ° C). It is consumed with red meats, sausages and cheeses, chestnuts. About 55 million bottles are produced annually. Over 50% of the wine is exported, with the largest markets being Germany and Japan, followed by the United States.

Beaujolais Nouveau is now in MyChoice restaurants!


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