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The website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”, “we” or “us”) and its related services are accessible for users and buyers (hereinafter referred to as “You”), in accordance with the privacy management policy containing the conditions, as described in this document. The website is owned and physically managed by employees of FANTASTICO GROUP OOD, UIC 206255903, written in the Trade Register and the Register of non-profit legal entities of the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice, with headquarters and management address in Sofia, Simeonovo residential area, 14A Momina salsa Str.

FANTASTICO GROUP OOD shall guarantee the confidentiality of any non-public information and the personal data of all visitors and users of the website

Please read our Privacy policy and data protection policy to find out how we collect process and generally use your personal data in our work.

Your personal data are managed by FANTASTICO GROUP OOD, UIC 206255903with address in Sofia, Simeonovo residential area, 14A Momina salsa Str. – personal data administrator, registered in the respective order with the Personal Data Protection Commission. As a personal data administrator FANTASTICO GROUP OOD complies with all requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and the applicable European legislation related to personal data protection.

Detailed information about the personal data protection, the goals, grounds and means of personal data processing, the maintained personal data registers and any other information you may be interested in in your capacity of personal data subject you can find further down in this Privacy Policy statement and by contacting out Data Protection Officer at:

By checking the “I agree” box I declare that I am acquainted with the fact that FANTASTICO GROUP OOD is a personal data administrator in the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Law and the related legislation who has recruited a Data Protection Officer whom I can address for any matters related to the personal data I have provided, collected and kept by the Administrator at the following phone numbers: 02/9692654, 660, 664or e-mail address:

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By adopting and establishing this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy FANTASTICO GROUP OOD recognizes the right of privacy and aims to implement a holistic protection policy against unlawful access and/or processing of the personal data of users of this website.

With this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy FANTASTICO GROUP OOD aims to inform the users of this website of the purposes for the processing of their personal data, of the receivers or categories of receivers to whom the data can be disclosed, of the main principles governing the collection and processing of personal data, including the voluntary provision, the strict respect of the user rights and the fulfillment of FANTASTICO GROUP OOD’s obligations in its capacity of administrator of your personal data. The personal data provision is in compliance with the principles, conditions and terms, established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council (hereinafter also referred to as “General Personal Data Protection Regulation” and/or “GPDR”), the Personal Data Protection Law and its by-laws regulating the legal arrangements of these relationships.

 To become compliant with the applicable Personal Data Protection national and European legislation, this Policy will be subject to updating and can be changed and updated periodically, as imposed by the law or the regulator’s practice. Its latest version can be found on this website.


 For the purposes of this Policy:

  1.  Personal data – any information about an identified physical person or a physical person who can be identified, directly or indirectly in terms of name, identification number, location data, online identifier or other specific features related to a person’s physical, economic, cultural or social identity etc..
  2.  Processing – any operation or set of operations performed with personal data through automatic or other means like collection, writing, organization, structuring, storage, adapting or change, extraction, consulting, use or in any other way that makes the data accessible.
  3.  Personal data administrator – a physical person or legal entity, public authority, agency or any other structure that processes personal data itself or through outsourcing and duly defines the purposes and means of this processing.

Each registered user or guest user of has the option of receiving an electronic newsletter with product proposals in promotion, new products or other information prepared by the team that useful for the users. In order to subscribe, the client should provide an e-mail address and, optionally, the following data: title, first name and family name. The subscription form can be found here. The subscription shall be activated after you click on the link to confirm. The electronic newsletter dissemination is assigned to a contractor company. Any further disclosure of the provided data is impossible. The users have the right to reject /unsubscribe/ the newsletter by opening the respective link, included in the received newsletters. The subscription deactivation is immediate and followed by erasure of your personal data.

Pursuant to the mandatory implementation of the Privacy Regulation you need to reconfirm your consent to have your personal data processed for the company’s marketing purposes – receiving an electronic newsletter with the latest promotions, news and information by e-mail.

All you have to do to keep receiving the newsletter is click in the field below and write your email address in the specified field and click on the checkbox to indicate that you agree to the privacy policy whether you want to remain subscribed.

By marking the “I agree” field I declare my explicit consent for FANTASTICO GROUP OOD to collect, use, process and transfer my personal data for the purpose of service provision related to the sending of advertising materials, news and other similar information regarding the products and special proposals to be sent to the electronic address of my choice or announced to me by phone and I agree to have my personal data used for direct marketing of products, campaigns and the like by FANTASTICO GROUP OOD.

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When we organize games, lotteries or similar advertising activities, we use the personal data you have provided strictly for the respective purpose – determining the winners, notifying the winners, delivery of the prize with the participants’ explicit consent. Upon completion of the activity and announcing the winners, the Organiser will no longer keep the participants’ personal data with the exception of the winners whose personal data will be stored for a period, which does not exceed 1 (one) year after the delivery of the prize or when there is a legal reason for their storage for a longer time period.

For the purposes of the mandatory implementation of the Privacy Regulation you need to confirm your consent to have your personal data processed for the company’s marketing purposes – participation in games, lotteries or similar activities.

By marking the “I agree” field I declare my explicit consent for FANTASTICO GROUP OOD to collect, use, process and transfer my personal data for the purpose of service provision related to the sending of advertising materials, news and other similar information regarding campaigns, lotteries, games etc. to be sent to the electronic address of my choice or announced to me by phone and I agree to have my personal data used for direct marketing of products, campaigns and the like by FANTASTICO GROUP OOD.

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The information you provide when sending appeals/opinions/recommendations regarding the activity of Fanstatico CS shall include as a minimum the following data:

  • First name and family name;

 You have the option of also providing the following data:

  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number

 Your appeal/opinion/recommendation will reach us with your names only, but in order to get feedback from us with an answer to your query, you can give us your contact information.

 To specify or justify your appeal/opinion/recommendation you can enter the data from your payment receipt – number, time of purchase, cashier, store and attach photo files.

By marking the “I agree” field I declare my explicit consent for FANTASTICO GROUP OOD to collect, use, process and transfer my personal data for the purpose of processing my inquiries, appeals, recommendations etc. that I submit through this electronic contact form.

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  • Purposes and legal grounds for personal data processing:
  1. For data processing necessary for the fulfillment of contractual relationships.
  • In case of inspections of the respective competent authorities (such as the Commission for Consumer Protection).
  • Satisfaction of complaints
  1. processing of data provided with explicit written consent of the client for the following purposes:
  • for direct marketing of products and services provided by SkyCity Mall or by third persons where you can receive from us or third persons to whom we have transferred your personal data e-mail messages. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of section “Your rights and how to exercise them” below.
  • Collection and storage of information about appeal/opinion/recommendation
  • Collection and storage of information related to sales promotions in compliance with the Consumer Protection Law and the entire applicable legislation.
  • Collection and storage of information about participants and winners of lotteries and games.
  1. data processing for protection of our legitimate interests.
  • Detailed data analysis of the user consumption, preferences and behavior (automated processing of encrypted data) – we make this analysis using anonymous data in a format that does not allow for easy identification of the data subject for development and improvement of our product list; user identification is impossible. The analysis and behavior of certain client types, distributed by various categories such as, but not exclusively sex, delivery address can be used for developing new products, satisfying to the maximum possible degree the needs of our current and future clients. The analysis aims to improve the services for the clients.
  • Preparation and storage of statistical information and aggregated reference data – we make this analysis in order to develop and improve our product range with new goods and services and provide better services to our clients. The kept statistical information is entirely anonymous in its final format.
  1. (1) The categories of persons accessing and processing the users’ personal data are:
  • Persons maintaining the technical equipment and software used for client personal data processing;
  • Служители на дружеството във връзка в изпълнение на механизма на организираните томболи, игри и други промоционални активности, управление на жалби и сигнали. 

The listed receivers are companies with which we conclude personal data processing agreements that guarantee that those external entities and their employees comply with the respect our technical and organizational measures for protection of your personal data and secure and maintain adequate level of protection, strictly abiding by the applicable legal requirements for personal data protection, или служители на дружеството, които имат специални нива на достъп до личните ви данни, съгласно утвърдени вътрешни правила и политики за защита на лични данни.

  1. Other personal data administrators to whom we proved the personal data of our clients for our own purposes and on our behalf where necessary or at their request will be:
  • Competent authorities – who by force of a normative act have the powers to demand from FANTASTICO GROUP OOD provision of information, including personal data, for example courts, supervisory and/or regulatory bodies like the Commission for Consumer Protection, Commission for Protection of Competition, tax administration structures. 
  1. Access to personal data – every user shall have the right of access to the personal data collected by FANTASTICO GROUP OOD upon submitting a written application. In cases where there is the possibility of disclosing the personal data of third persons in the course of exercising this right, we shall only grant access to that part, which is relevant for the specific applicant. You can request from us at any time:
  • Confirmation whether the data related to you are being processed, for what purposes, the categories of your data and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are disclosed;
  • A message in an intelligible format, containing your personal data we process and any information concerning their source;
  • Information about the logic of any automated personal data processing.
  1. Right of deletion, correction, blocking of your personal data whose processing does not correspond to the requirements of the normative arrangements in force. Exercising these rights, you can request from us to notify the third persons to whom the data has been disclosed of any deletion, correction or blocking undertaken and performed under the conditions of the previous sentence with the exceptions of cases where that is practically impossible or not feasible.
  2. Right of objection, at any time, to personal data processing:
  • In the presence of the respective legal grounds; or
  • In any case where the processing is reduced to direct marketing purposes we pursue. 

 If you do not wish that FANTASTICO GROUP OOD processes your personal data, please inform us of that in writing. In this case it is possible that we will not be able to provide information about the products/services you are interested in and we could possibly be unable to deliver those products/ services. 

If a change has occurred in your personal data you provide, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail to the following address:

You can exercise those rights by making a request to the Personal Data Protection Officer to the contact address stated at the beginning of this Policy.

By marking the field “I am aware” I declare awareness of my rights in the meaning of Art.34а of the Personal Data Protection Law and in particular my right of objection to the processing of my personal data for direct marketing purposes or to their disclosing to third persons with a written request to FANTASTICO GROUP OOD by submitting my written objection, signed by me to the management address of FANTASTICO GROUP OOD in Sofia, Simeonovo residential area, 14a Momina salsa Str.; my right of withdrawing my consent for my (some of) the purposes of provision of the above-listed services at any time by sending an e-mail to:

I am aware of my right of access to my personal data and my right of requesting from FANTASTICO GROUP OOD deletion, correction or blocking of my personal data with a written request in the above-specified manner.

I am aware! 


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